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The Longbranch Improvement Club (LIC) was formed in 1921 "to encourage any activity for the betterment of Schools, Home making, Roads, Marketing, Dairy, Poultry and all its branches." Today, the LIC continues to serve the community with thousands of hours of volunteer enthusiasm.

The club depends on its membership for continuing the mission of community betterment. Resident and associate memberships encourage participation by all.

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Key Peninsula Civic Center
There's a lot going on at the other side of the peninsula, too!

Longbranch Chronicles
By David Montesino: Life on Washington State's Key Peninsula.

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The Longbranch Improvement Club is fortunate to present Humanities Washington speaker, LLyn De Danaan on September 20th at 7:00 pm. She is an anthropologist, writer, and photographer. She is a very entertaining speaker and will be presenting “What it Means to be Human: What We Know About our Ancient Predecessors”.

As more age-old dwellings and remains of our ancient inhabitants are discovered, the story of what it means to be human becomes more intriguing and complex. Author and cultural anthropologist LLyn De Denaan explores our origins and how they help us define what it means to be human, and examines recent finds that have altered our understanding of our past.

The LIC invites the community to attend for a very interesting evening.

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